Iran Railway Expo 2017

IMG_7024.JPGyou never know what is waiting for you the next day.
2008, I visited the Knorr-Bremse stand in a very similar Fair in Iran. I was impressed with what they do and new technologies and latest development in the area of Rolling stock engineering.
2017, I am staying on the same stand with the same people i met at 2008, but this time  I am there to explain our latest products to visitors who are eager to know about them.

you never know what is waiting for you the next day.


Hey!!! I am Meisam, Like everyone else on a journey,and like everyone else I do not know how long my journey takes.
I am going to share mostly parts of my life that I spend somewhere out of my home, or on the mountains.
plus, I am a poet, so when you do not understand what I write, easily, it is not your problem, sometimes , I like to make things complicated .
you never know what life brings to you the next day , when the sun is shining, so lets hope for good.

let’s see where it goes……..