Munich To Bad Tölz , a short bike trip

This is the second time I am making this tour. the first time i was with 2 other friends , both left Munich. This time on my own .

To make a bike tour alone gives you this chance to find out how prepared you are , mentally and physically, it does not matter how small the tour is, I always need to push myself to start that and to push further to stay on the road. on the other words, do not take a U turn .

the weather is good, it is not hot and sunny , and it is not rainy and cold for the start. wind is mild and everything is ready .

start in Munich , I ride toward Europaplatz and  go ahead along Isar. In my language , “Isar ” means “Sacrifice” , when you sacrifice  yourself to improve the situation for others , like a soldier who sacrifices his life to keep his country and his folks safe . I do not know what does Isar mean in German, but  i do not want to  search for it , because i want to keep it related to what it brings to my mind.

riding  along Isar until I am close to Grünwald, There are  three ways to select . two on the right and one on the left. the one on the left is with a very steep slope,that I decided decide not to take it in the first glance, but then I understoodd it was the best way . one of the roads on the right took me  to a sign and another sign and at the end I was  not sure where I was. and the last one merges with the road with many autos.

It is said , learning by pain , and in my case it means after trying two roads on the right i decided to come back and take the  bike path on the left. It  took a big amount of energy and i already started to think of going back . But happily it was  not very long .

now I am in Grünwald. From Grünwald I followed follow the signs to Wolfratshausen. this part of the way is very interesting and mainly goes along Isar.This part of the way could be quite windy and i struggled sometimes to move against strong wind.


Most of the way there is no street for cars and I could see just nature and other bikers , either coming towards you or overtaking you.  Some of them said  “servus” some smiled , and some did not bother themselves  at all. sometimes this short interaction initiated from my side.

sometimes I could see  small moving German bier parties on this big Carriers with live music. I have no idea how they are called and if there is any reason for these parties, or as they call it Fests.


going further on this  way , I could see the angry face of Isar.


in this point I was 34 km far from Munich and 25 km close to Bad Tölz.


one should follow the signs but always be careful about this small friends of nature that move slowly and can be overseen and easily crushed under bike  wheels.


many snails ,  or in German weinbergschnecke  , are out in this time of the year on their journey to somewhere I do not know.

one of the advantage they have is that they are born with their home, so they do not need to pay high accommodation  rent in Bayern.


The final station : Bad Tölz
after riding almost 3 and half hour i am there . Bad Tölz, one of my favorite cities in Bayern. staying beside Isar , with colorful houses.
It was my First Solo bike travel and i am already looking forward to the next one.