One  of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen in my life is Strasbourg. The city is on the boarder of France and Germany.  Actually you can travel from France , Strasbourg, to the German city of Kehl by a tram and it costs only 1.7 Euro in one direction.

you can find people who speaks German as well.


a night,,a tram a city or maybe two.

I had only one day to see this city, so I decided to walk around and  inhale the beauty of the city on a sunny day in August.

walking from where I stay the first thing i saw was a long wall on a wide rive, Ill. getting closer to the wall , I understood it is barrage Vauban , a bridge made on 17th Century.


Barrage Vauban

But the interesting part of the walk started after climbing the bridge, where you can see the historical part of the city starts.


Here are some pictures of my day in Strasbourg :


last but not least  is the Cathedral , with its astonishing Gothic architecture, standing on the center of the city.


Starsbourg Cathedral


Strasbourg Cathedral_ Left corner

The next day, i will continue my way to Ammerschwihr , a very nice village near Colmar.



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