Ammerschwihr,kaysersberg, and Riquewihr

Leaving Strasbourg toward Colamr by train . it takes around half an hour to reach the station. there I wait my friend who is picking me up and we go  further into Alsace. Thanks to Tibo who invited me to spend some days with him and his parents in their very beautiful house with a wonderful atmosphere of a lovely family in Ammerschwihr .

living for some years in the city of Munich, I have already forgotten how friendly and  people in smaller cities and village can be.  meeting his family reminds me of the time i was still child and visiting some of my own family members in a small village in the eastern part of Iran. where people has just one face ,invite you their own home and share with you their food with their kindness in their heart.

TIbo’s family  has their own garden in the house and their own farm , which gives them many sorts of fresh vegetables .


The very perfect place for a fresh breakfast



on the Evening Tibo drove me around to the neighbor city of Kaysersberg, which has been announce the France’s favorite town in 2017 .

On the way I  could  see the grape farms where  all the grape trees stand on a very perfect order, like  soldiers on an army, yes wine soldiers, the soldiers of joy and happiness on the land of Alsace.



passing the grape yards , we entered a city i could not believe my eyes, it was just the most colorful city i have ever seen . I do not know why, but it reminded me of Alice in wonderland .


the first street seen in Kaysersberg


Leaving Kaysersberg to the next city Riqquewihr , which in its own nature is nothing less than Kaysersberg . the city  with itscolorful houses also stands in front of grape yards.


grape farm Riquewihr



Thanks to my dear friend Tibo,and his family ,  who made this nice trip to this beautiful cities in Alsace possible for me.


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