Vyšehrad Park,a weekend in Prague (26-27 August)

Prague  is one of my favorite cities in middle Europe , somewhere you can see much of history. I have been in this city four times , in different seasons and every time it has something new to surprise me. This time I had the chance to see the city , not from the eyes of a tourist, but from the eyes of a local person who showed me around, where i could never find by myself.  I send  my appreciation to the one and the only, Asar Quita ,who has the kind heart of an angel , and showed me this hidden park from tourists’ eyes.

 Vyšehrad Park,

This beautiful concealed part of the beautiful city Prague,  is located on a hill over the Vltava River . Walking around the park, we  can see a complete panorama  of the city, from the famous Prague Cathedral  to   the V tower, which will be the highest residential tower in  Czech Republic .




what I understood this time , by looking at the city from the   hill, is that most of the  houses’s roofs are covered by orange tiles. that gives  a unique  perspective to the city. They are everywhere between us and the world outside to the cathedral , to the river, to the city center , to the world outside the park.


There are many things to see in the park itself, among them is the  Vyšehrad Cemetery where is the  last resting  house for the body of many  composers,  sculptors, writers, artists, politicians and scientists mainly  from Czech Republic.


Walking further , stands the Basilica of St. Peter and St Paul, founded   by the Czech King Vratislav II in in 1070-1080 .


Here  is one of the  best place to relax and  meditate on the sound of the Basilica’s bell on a week day evening where all tourists are going to the city center , so better to be this way that they do not discover here .




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