Down-under ,A journey to Australia_day 1 _Munich to Sydney

I Wake up at 5:30 am , getting ready to go to the airport.
I left my flat at 6:50 am and took the shuttle bus at 7:15.
I am supposed to be at 8:00 at the airport.
It is my first long road trip ever and I am a bit nervous.
I am not going to be alone ,but I travel with a Buddy , Ivan the Swiss friend who is in love with Australia and New Zealand.
I tell myself, before leaving my flat: hey Meisam،everything is going to be all right,and then lock the door . The journey starts.
I am sitting on the bus to the Airport. Outside temperature is 9 degree with a slightly fog coverring the farms on both sides of the road the sun is shining as well . It is a beautiful day .

Arriving in Doha,Hamam Airport , and if I didn’t not know l am in Qatar, I could believe I am in country between India and South East Asia. There are many foreigners working in the Airport,from India, Bangladesh, and other countries.
Even the guy at the security control asked me where I am from,and he told me that he is from Nepal. This kind of conversation does not happen usually at a security at airport.
The boarding starts at around 18:30. Next stop ,Sydney .

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