to Cutta Cutta Cave and Nitmiluk National park

Today we will reach 3000 km of driving , which is half a total distance we want to finish in this journey. we wake up early and leave the camp. it is a very hot day today , and  we will be on the car most of the time and will have a tour on Cutta Cutta Cave.  It is  exactly 14:15 that the km counter tells us that we have been driving 3000 km on Savannah way.IMG_3546.JPGIMG_3549.JPGit is around 15:00 that we arrive in the Cutta Cutta cave , where is the shelter for some snakes and bars and some other animals , which I hope we can see. The guy who is going to be our tour guide is quite a funny Australian guy who makes different jokes and wants to know where each of us are coming from, and he wants to learn something of our language. I think he rarely has seen someone from Iran.  We are not alone on the tour,there are two other guys with us who are from New Zealand. In the cave when we see some stones shining like there are thousands of stars on them, he asks me to teach him What it means” many stars”  in Farsi,and when i tell him : ” Setare haye Ziad”  his reaction is ” Oh it is impossible to learn this”.  there are many different type of stones and other kind of Geological creatures that I even cannot pronounce their name, also in different shapes, like a dog head, a turned dragon,and even a Kangaroo. I do not write anything about the pictures to see if you also can see them or not.

After the tour on the cave, we drive to direction Nitmiluk National park. there is a camping place there , with salty water  swimming pool, where we stay tonight t.Tonight  is a clear night, like all other nights on the way, where I can see thousands, or maybe millions of stars shinning and blinking.

There are some thermal springs in the area, but unfortunately because of time restriction we cannot visit them all. However we decide to go to at least one of them tomorrow, the Mataranka Thermal pool. I do not know how  would it be to be in a thermal pool when the temperature outside is something between 30 and 40 degree.






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