Iller Weg by bike ( Aitrach to Kempten)

on the 2-day ride by bike i discovered 2 different parts of iller weg. first I had a ride from Aitrach to Kempten, coming back to Aitrach by train, and the next day rode to Ulm and again back to Aitrach by train.

The first ride was more interesting than the second day, because the way was through different landscapes, with hills on some parts that needed more power to ride, with some fantastic curves riding downhills .

on the other hand the way to Ulm, was alongside the river, beside trees, but always on a flat land, so nothing challenging and at the end it was very boring , even with that beautiful land scape.

Here are some pictures of the first day :

Short journey in Allgäu

I am planning 2 days ride along Iller, a river in Allgäu , a nice area in south Germany.

I arrived some hours ago in my camping place where is going to be my base point and from here i will ride to Kempten and another day to the direction of Ulm , but i am not planning to ride to Ulm, because it is a long ride.

The weather forecast shows it is suny tomorrow and the day after but not so hot , perfect ride weather.

Today it was always sunny and very clear sky.