This is the end

we wake up early in the morning, we survived the windy cold night, and it is still very cold in the morning that i have to wear my hat and my jacket for the first time in this trip.

Today is the last day of our road trip. we have around 600 km from Glendambo  to Adelaide and then we are done. The plan is to reach Adelaide  before evening, to go to a camp place for the last time, and if  we have some time to look around the city and the next morning give the car back to the rental agency and then fly to Melbourne. Melbourne is where me and Iva split. I will stay there for some  more days and then fly to Sydney , and Ivan stays there for one more day and fly back to Europe.

on the way we have passes 2 ports, one is Porto Augusta and the other one is porto Pirie.

we stop at porto Pirie to have a lunch, and i get a big fish and chips .IMG_20171028_130901448.jpg

there are not that much to see on the way, the road is all sealed road and it is one of the main highways of Australia. it is quite clear that we are close to big cities ports since there are many cars and also Trucks on the road, beside a long freight train which is running parallel to the highway.


IMG_20171028_145935731There are a large white area that i think it should be a salt lake beside the road and even some people are walking on that lake.

and Finally we are there, Adelaide, where you can see even a Tribute to Ataturk.

It is the End of our road trip. we covered 6000 km of the way on 2 weeks driving.IMG_20171029_094511034.jpg


and I can say I will miss this part of the globe. I may come back again one day  or not, I will keep the memories of Savannah Way always with me.