To the south

today we leave Alice Springs toward Adelaide.  it is around 1500 km from here to Adelaide, and we have 2 days to cover this distance. I do not expect seeing much on the way.

the road and the vegetation around seems totally different from what we have seen on previous days.


we pass the boarder between Northern Territory and south Australia, where there is some bus staying to have a rest and take some pictures . The language that the travelers of one of the bus is speaking is familiar to me, Ja Ja, Klar, Bestimmt……doch ,…. .


we have a stop on city named Marla to  take a rest and eat lunch. it is not a hot day, just a nice temperature. after lunch we continue our way untill we arrive at Glendambo, another small city . we stop here to take a short rest.

tonight we will stay in a camping ground in Glendambo. we mount or tent but it is a windy night, really windy. we use some extra rope to make sure that our tent will stay stable and not move too much at night. I am not sure if we can sleep with this wind on the tent. adding this point that it is really a cold night,as i remember from my childhood, when i was visiting my village of origin in a city on East of Iran , that had really cold nights despite its warm days. It is how desert is . each of us use 2 sleeping bags and try to sleep, even if i really think the wind will lift our tent with us inside.Lets see where we will be tomorrow, in our tent at Glendambo camping ground or somewhere else  due to the heavy wind, but hopefully still in our tent .i am thinking of Dorothy in the magical Land of Oz now. 125