A weekend on Swiss Alps/ Val Ferret ( part 1, Hikinig around)

On Friday 7th September till Monday 10th , I spend time on some part of the Alps that I have never been before. This part of the mountain range is very different with the Alps In Germany. The picks are higher, but it is not what i was amazed with. I was amazed with different range of colors I could see on the mountain , and i have not seen the same colors on German Alps.

the Saturday  hike to the top of the mountain where it is called Fenêtre de Ferret.

Green , yellow, red, then orange, because of different vegetation , White because of  glacier and white fluffy flowers that i do not know their name and blue color of sky mirrored on the lakes are what made my hike even more pleasant than what i expected.







on the way there are 3 lakes and as understood all 3 lakes name is lacs de fenêtre.


lacs de fenêtre 



fenêtre de ferret is 2698 m above see level, and when we arrive on fenêtre de ferret, we can see Italian Alp in front and Switzerland behind us.


Fenêtre de Ferret

View to Italian Alps


View to Swiss Alps

On the way down , there are some groundhogs enjoying their beautiful day under the sun.


The hike on Sunday was a easier hike, just going to the dam that is near the Val de Ferret. I cannot remember the name of the dam., unfortunately.




after the hikes, a beautiful cosy  house is waitng on the Valley to relax and be grateful of what life can offer to someone.

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